FTG: We are Called to Be Brave

As I start in on the book of Ruth, studying it for the very first time, I can’t help but think of how brave Naomi has to be during such a difficult time in her life. I mean, really. She suffered such great losses!

And it’s as if the Lord seems to know (well, duh, He KNOWS!), the path I’m about embark on will need lots of courage – and encouragement – because everywhere I turn, He nudges ever so gently in the bravery department.

Fittingly, even before opening my bible today, He selected the words, “You’re loved more than you know. You’re braver than you even imagine.”

Maybe you’re about to embark on something new and scary too. Maybe you’ve make an ambitious goal to take on this year. (Yay! Go you!) Maybe you’ve been thrown into a season of unimaginable change like Naomi in the book of Ruth. (So far, I got: She, her husband and two sons moved out of their hometown due to famine and settled in Moab. Her husband died. Her sons married Moabite women before they, too, (the sons) died.) Talk about crazy Job-like circumstances in just the first 5 verses!!!

But I have a feeling just as God is about to move in Naomi’s life (and I’m thinking in Ruth’s as well since that’s the name of this book!), He is about to move in YOURS.

Be expectant. Change is coming. Good change? Hard change? Only God knows. But what I DO know is that He always works for our good because He is faithful. 💗

So let us be brave, friends. For now is the time.

This mini-blog post was originally posted on Instagram on Jan 19, 2018, as part of my study on the book of Ruth. You can follow me on Instagram by clicking here!

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