FTG: We are Called to Be Faithful

Naomi was bitter. I don’t blame her one bit. She lost her husband. She lost her sons. Bitterness is something I can totally relate to. But even through her bitterness, she remained faithful: returning to her people, returning to the God from whom she feels affliction and judgement. How many of you can relate?

Throughout the Old Testament, we see suffering of all kinds. Job’s entire story revolves around the suffering he had endured…and also his faithfulness. But even Job admitted his bitterness towards God for all his suffering – even in his faithfulness.

But Paul. Paul’s new life was filled with trial and suffering. Yet he does not express his bitterness. In fact he embraces it. Why? How?


In Paul’s letter to the Philippians he knows his ultimate goal – over anything the world could offer – is his relationship with Jesus. Knowing the power of His resurrection, and get this!:


Friends, when we suffer, we are in fellowship with Christ, and He is in fellowship with us. It is through our suffering that we can draw closer to Him. It is through our suffering that we can witness the power of His resurrection.

But this can only happen if we stay FAITHFUL in the suffering.

Friends, we have all suffered. And some of us may be suffering right now. Let us be comforted in knowing that we are in fellowship with Jesus in all of it.

He is with us. Always. ❤️

This mini-blog post was originally published on Instagram on January 21, 2018, as a part of my study on the book of Ruth. You can follow me on Instagram by clicking here.

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